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Fair Trade Campaigns April 20, 2018

April 24 marks five years since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. This tragic event brought global attention to the conditions of garment workers, and calls for stricter standards and greater transparency in the apparel industry.

Since 2013, some progress has been made. We see more brands focusing on social and environmental sustainability, and more consumers wanting to know, ‘who made my clothes?’

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that emerged in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster. Today, millions of people participate in the annual Fashion Revolution Week, organizing and attending events, showing their support online, and educating themselves about transparency in the apparel industry.

This year, Fashion Revolution Week takes place April 23-29. From organizing an event to starting a conversation, there are ways for everyone to get involved.

Five ways to join the Fashion Revolution

1. Choose Fair Trade apparel

With more brands coming on board, it’s becoming even easier to choose Fair Trade throughout your wardrobe. Look for Fair Trade clothing next time you shop, or encourage someone else to choose Fair Trade for their next clothing purchase. Not sure where to find Fair Trade apparel? Take a look at Fair Trade USA’s shopping guide and Fair Trade Federation’s member list.

2. Spread the word

Join the conversation online and help spread the word by posting on social with #whomademyclothes. Fashion Revolution has free graphics that you can download and share. Or post a picture of your favorite piece of Fair Trade apparel!

3. Ask Who Made My Clothes?

Ask your favorite brand to share more information about their supply chain. Send an email, start a petition, or tag the brand on social. Or send some snail mail! As consumers, we each have immense power to influence business decisions. Lets make our voices heard. Not sure what to say? Fashion Revolution has an email template and language for social right here.

4. Host an event

Whether you bring together a handful of friends, or organize a large event on your campus or in your community, hosting an event is a fun way to spread the word about Fair Trade apparel. Organize a clothing swap or tie-dye Fair Trade t-shirts. Host a Fair Trade Fashion Show – we’ve got an event guide to get you started. Host a book club meeting – we recommend Where Am I Wearing – or film screening – The True Cost is a great option.

Need more event inspiration?

Chicago Fair Trade is teaming up with DePaul University for a speaker panel and film screening.
Fair Trade Philadelphia hosted speakers from local retailers and the Fair Trade Federation.
The NYC Fair Trade Coalition organized a series of events on sustainable fashion.

Find more events on our Facebook page, or share yours in the comments below!

5. Educate yourself and others

As conscious consumers, it’s our responsibility to also be informed consumers. Take a few minutes to learn more about Fair Trade apparel with our 101 guide. Review the 2017 Fashion Transparency Index from Fashion Revolution, or listen to their podcast. Learn from industry leaders in this conversation from the 2018 National Conference – Transforming an Industry: Fair Trade Apparel.

2018 National Conference – A Call to Action

Building on the conversations we had about Fair Trade apparel and sustainable supply chains at the 2018 National Conference, we left our audience with a Call to Action tied to Fashion Revolution. Whether or not you attended the conference, we encourage you to participate! We have four ways for you to take part – choose as many as work for you.

1. Purchase
Help us drive purchase to drive impact by purchasing a Fair Trade apparel item, or inspiring someone else to choose Fair Trade for their next clothing purchase. Tell us about your purchase on social with #FTConf2018 and #whomademyclothes.

2. Educate
Help us demonstrate the link between Fair Trade and sustainability, by posting about your purchase and sharing information about Fair Trade apparel and sustainability. Tag your post with #FTConf2018 and #whomademyclothes.
Not sure what information to share? We have 101 guides to help you out! Check out these resources on Fair Trade apparel and environmental sustainability.

3. Share
Help us spread the message far and wide by tagging friends and organizations who can help us reach a wider audience.

4. Challenge
Help us harness the purchasing power of colleges and universities. For all our campus organizers, we challenge you to make Fair Trade apparel available in your campus bookstore. Start with one item, or add another if Fair Trade clothing is already being sold.

Don’t forget to tag us @FTCampaigns and use 
#FTConf2018 and #whomademyclothes.

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