Fair Trade Manhattan

The New York Fair Trade Coalition is looking for partnerships to help make Manhattan a Fair Trade Town. We will be hosting events and gathering intel on businesses throughout the year to push forward the visibility of fair trade products and consumption. If you are a fair trade school or business in Manhattan who purchases fair trade products (corporate or retail), we want to hear from you.

Campaign Progress

Build Your Team

The Fair Trade committee provides leadership and direction for your campaign.

Completed May 19th, 2019

Reach out to Retailers

Work with retail locations in your town to offer two or more Fair Trade products.

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Enroll Community Organizations

Each town must have a certain number of community organizations using or serving Fair Trade products.

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Commit to Fair Trade Education and Events

Raise awareness of Fair Trade in your community through educational events, media coverage, and other activities.

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Pass a Fair Trade Resolution

Work with your city or town council to pass a resolution in support of Fair Trade.

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