Alexia Dolamakian

Kylie Nealis August 6, 2020

Alexia is a St. John’s University Alum with a B.S. in business management and is learning to code. Her work in fair trade began in 2015 at SJU’s CRS University campus chapter, where she became an ambassador and leader for the fair trade movement on campus. Eventually, she managed retail for a fair-trade pop-up shop on campus and produced baklava with fair trade sugar and pistachios to reach a different market and raise awareness through sweets! With the help of faculty, the campus newspaper, debate club and fair trade curriculum, Alexia helped raise awareness on campus. Each year, students were increasingly more informed on the topic of fair trade. Encouraged by the visible impact, she’s become a fellow to continue the work towards humanizing trade, empowering consumers and sustainable development in the Age of AI and Technology.

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Kylie Nealis,