Clarisa Gomez

Taryn Lemmon December 1, 2022

Clarisa Gomez graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy and Urban Studies. From a young age, she’s been passionate about topics like sustainability, the climate crisis, and single-use plastics. Throughout her undergrad, Clarisa continuously learned how multifaceted sustainability is, and the variety of sectors it branches into, one of the most prominent being the food industry. Her enthusiasm for this niche topic led her to begin a career in the industry as UCI Dining’s Sustainability Coordinator, where she began her journey with fair trade.

Clarisa’s role with UCI Dining introduced her to the importance of fair trade, what Fair Trade USA stands for, and the plethora of fair trade products carried across retail locations. As Sustainability Coordinator, Clarisa’s job consists of procuring new fair trade products for UCI’s retail locations and spreading awareness about fair trade to over 36,000 students through engaging activities. Another way she has supported fair trade on campus is by coordinating large sampling events with fair trade brands. It is Clarisa’s goal to maintain and uplift the university’s commitment to fair trade. In addition to sustainability, some of Clarisa’s interests include discovering new music, going to concerts, and drinking iced matcha oat milk lattes.

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Taryn Lemmon,