Kristina Kaiser

Fair Trade Campaigns September 27, 2017

Kristina learned about Fair Trade Campaigns as part of a collaborative effort to help end human trafficking both around the world and in the Greater Boston Area. She has pastored The River Church South in Quincy, Massachusetts for seven years and also founded The River South Center, which frequently hosts events like an annual 5K that helps to both increase awareness and also raises funds that help support a local safe house for trafficking survivors. Recent endeavors include a pop-up cafe that raises money for other non-profits working to end human trafficking and a new campaign to see Quincy become a Fair Trade city. Kristina occasionally gets the opportunity to work with additional non-profits like Fair Share in Boston and has been a part of an Abolitionist Cohort for several years. Kristina graduated with a master of music from New England Conservatory and is also a parent of four children.

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