Leigh Wallace

Fair Trade Campaigns August 21, 2019

Leigh Wallace hails from a small town outside of Chicago, called Glen Ellyn. She has lived in New York the last 16 years and currently resides in Brooklyn. After graduating in 2003 from the University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!), she moved to New York to pursue her dream as a designer in the Fashion Industry. Leigh landed a roll at “Ross Stores Dress for Less” where she was an Assistant Buyer in Juniors. In 2010 she felt she needed a change, the excess of buying and the quality of what she was buying within fast fashion pointed towards the direction of waste and landfill. Leigh decided to go back to school to attend Parsons School of Design, with the purpose and pretense of designing a sustainable dress line and to learn how to create a zero waste supply chain. Without knowing what that really meant, Leigh launched her dress-line in 2013 called LL FAE and continued with pre-sales thru 2017: Dresses for Women who bicycle to work, made here in NYC. The vision of being a sustainable fashion entrepreneur has evolved as she joined the NYC Fair Trade Coalition and continues to explore the impact of waste of the fashion industry and how that has effected climate change. Fair Trade is a great solution to creating sustainability within the supply chain. Leigh is currently an advocate for the slow factory movement, thrifting, swapping and transparency in the supply chain. She hopes to help find solutions in the Fair Trade movement with circularity for her fashion entrepreneurship and consult others to do the same.

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