Susan Domey-Allen

Fair Trade Campaigns September 10, 2019

I grew up in rural Vermont in the town of Cabot. My parents had 5 children and we all lived 1/4 mile down the road from my grandparents small dairy farm. I learned how to farm, milk cows, belonged to the 4-H Dairy Club, and helped out with a huge garden. My Dad worked for the local creamery in town. The milk from the farm went to the creamery. Cabot is known for its dairy industry with Cabot Farmers’ Cooperative Creamery (that was its original name when it was owned by the farmers). I watched the creamery change over the years and the toll it took on the community. After college I moved away from Vermont and I believe I could see the decline more as an outsider than those living there because they adapted to the changes. As the Cooperative Creamery started to convert into a large Agri business the farmers in the community declined. I grew up learning how to sew, cook and do for others especially through our church and school community. These values have traveled with me wherever I have called home. While raising our two boys my husband and I got involved in their interests within the local community of Pembroke, Massachusetts. Now that they are young adults and on their own I am back pursuing my own interests in full swing: climate change, green initiative, advocating for Equal Exchange and their projects. I continue to fill my spiritual and global bucket by establishing a growing fair trade presence through the United Church of Christ Norwell Fairly Traded Initiative  (Fair Trade Campaigns designated 2019) and partnering with ASAPROSAR (Association for Rural Health), a non-governmental organization in Santa Ana, El Salvador. My current project is working to launch an e-commerce website that will be a platform for selling artisans’ products from El Salvador to promote and establish economic justice.

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