8th Fair Trade Minneapolis Meeting with speaker Teresa Baxter from Long Beach, CA, virtual via Zoom, Monday, February 8, 2020, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Presented by Fair Trade Minneapolis

Monday, February 08, 2021

7:30 pm

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Zoom, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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1st meeting of 2021! After we meet & greet, guest speaker Teresa Baxter will arrive at 8 pm. In 2020, she started Fair Trade Long Beach and the Fair Trade Long Beach Retail Collective. She’s been w/ Fair Trade Los Angeles, Fair Trade Manhattan NYC, and Fair Trade Alexandria, VA.

If time permits, we’ll move toward giving Annual Awards to our Fair Trade retailers. Possibly, think of a fun Fair Trade event for spring/summer.

Proposed timeline for giving Annual Awards for our Fair Trade retailers:
In May 2021, we plan to give our Fair Trade retailers Annual Awards to post by their exit doors to signify that they are Fair Trade retailers in Fair Trade Minneapolis, selling ## or more different Fair Trade products. These Annual Awards will be designed to lead to questions: “Which Fair Trade certified products do you sell?” This will increase the recognition of Fair Trade and its benefits by both store employees and Twin Cities customers. Also, we hope that the awards will increase the variety of Fair Trade certified products available in Minnesota.

In January 2021, seek authorization to use the Fairtrade FLO, Fair for Life, and Fair Trade Federation logos.

By February 2021, finalize the various designs that we can offer for our award. If they sell any products from Fair Trade USA, we’ll use the Fair Trade USA logo either in green & black on white, or in navy on white (for Madewell). We have authorization from Fair Trade USA to use both the Fair Trade USA and the Fair Trade Town logos on our awards.

In March 2021, we’ll need to seek permission and design choice from their store and/or corporate offices. We’ll need to finalize their Fair Trade product count by April.

Proposed annual award design: “letter” (8.5 x 11 in). For water-proofing, we could use special paper or laminate the award.

If we can get the authorization to do so, the four Fair Trade logos will be present in a row at the top of the award, to raise awareness of the appearance of these logos without implying that the retailer has been certified by any of these entities.

The award will state, ” is a Fair Trade retailer in (Fair Trade Town logo) “Fair Trade Minneapolis” big and central on the awards. Further, the award will state, “selling ## or more Fair Trade products” where ## is the number of Fair Trade products that we can easily find for sale in the store on the day that we decide on the award, and that the store agrees upon. Roxanne Sullivan of Trade Winds has cautioned us that the number of different Fair Trade products that the store sells may change from month to month. Even if a higher number can be found in a store at any one time, maybe that store won’t want to commit to carrying that number of Fair Trade products.

In March 2022, we’d plan to return to each retailer to negotiate a new Annual Award to indicate the higher number of different Fair Trade products that it sells by then.