Fair Trade Weekend

Presented by Quincy, MA Fair Trade Campaign

Sunday, April 07, 2019

12:00am - 11:59pm

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1150 Hancock St, Lower Level, Quincy, MA
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Fair Trade Weekend
Love Your Neighbor with Your Dollar

The Invitation: Equal Exchange Fundraiser
The Dates: Saturday, April 6th* or Sunday, April 7th*


Benefits of an Equal Exchange Fundraiser
– 40% profits on sales
– No minimum orders or upfront costs
– Free catalogs & shipping on orders over $135
– Delivery of shipment in 10 days, guaranteed

How the Weekend (& Beyond) Works
1. Visit the Equal Exchange Fundraising Page (6-8 weeks prior to weekend)
a. Click “Start My Fundraiser”
b. Take 2 minutes to fill in your information
c. Supplies will ship to your door

2. Gather a team to help you with your Fundraising Campaign

3. Put up posters, pass out catalogs, and start selling (2-3 weeks prior to Fair Trade Weekend)

4. Collect Orders and Submit Master Form (deadline for orders: Fair Trade Weekend)

5. Distribute and enjoy the smiles

Benefits of Fair Trade
– Opportunity for disadvantaged producers
– Fair practices & payment
– No child labor or forced labor (trafficking)
– Respect for the environment

What about the Proceeds

– Fundraise on your own behalf
– Give to an organization of your choice
– Consider donating the funds to Equal Exchange’s Donor Advised Fund, of which, 95% of it goes to helping farmers.

What if I need a simpler way to get involved?

– Consider creating ordering stations on Fair Trade Weekend and encourage people to order from Equal Exchange directly. It won’t be a fundraiser anymore, but that’s okay!

*You may wish to begin collecting orders the weekend of March 23rd, closing your fundraiser on Fair Trade Weekend or you may wish to begin your fundraiser on Fair Trade Weekend and close the weekend of April 20th. Customize your experience however it would work best for you.

This event is being initiated by the Quincy Fair Trade Task Force in Quincy, Massachusetts whose mission is to promote social and economic justice by raising awareness about the Fair Trade Movement and extending an invitation to others to commit to making Fair Trade purchases where available.