Reverse Trick or Treating Maria Carrillo High School

Presented by Santa Rosa, California

Friday, October 31, 2014

5 pm

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WHO: Two hundred residents in Santa Rosa will be visited by students of Maria Carrillo High School’s Amnesty International Club on Halloween October 31 to deliver a scary message about chocolate.

WHAT: Instead of the traditional receiving of candy, young people will be going door to door giving away fair trade chocolate to residents and sharing the facts about how much of our chocolate is harvested and produced with unfair practices. These business practices include poor wages for farmers, life threatening working conditions and even incidents of child labor.

WHEN: October 31, 2014

WHERE: Various neighborhoods in Santa Rosa, California

WHY: October is the seventh annual Fair Trade Month. Themed “Every Purchase Matters,” Fair Trade Month unites TransFair USA’s diverse corporate, nonprofit and individual stakeholders in more than 100 events, promotions and fund-raising activities across the United States to generate awareness of Fair Trade’s comprehensive approach to social, economic and environmental empowerment and sustainability among farming communities in the developing world.

QUOTE: “It’s scary to not be fair,” said Maria Carrillo teacher Ken Emery. “I have always liked participating in reverse trick-or-treating because it gives a new face to Halloween for everyone involved. Rather than expecting something the students are able to give back to both their local and global community.”