St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, San Diego, CA

“…and what does God require of you but to do justice…” (Baptismal Covenant). Fair Trade is a way that faith communities can live out a life of justice. We believe that our use of Fair Trade coffee and tea and sales of chocolate, tea, coffee and snacks helps us live out our baptismal covenant.

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Incorporate Fair Trade Education into Your Social Teachings

Connect the tenets of your faith to Fair Trade. Empower congregants to live their faith by being conscious consumers.

Completed February 3rd, 2015

Commit to Purchase Fair Trade Products When They Are Available

Work with your congregation to offer Fair Trade products regularly at services, vending machines or offices.

Completed February 3rd, 2015

Include Fair Trade in Events

Serve up Fair Trade coffee, tea, and other products when possible at meetings, in gathering places, and at events.


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