Fair Trade Towns

The Fair Trade Towns campaign empowers you to team up with each sector of your community to explore the positive impact of Fair Trade purchasing.
Activate your community’s commitment to social justice and global solidarity through Fair Trade. Take the challenge with hundreds of others to achieve our 5 comprehensive steps


  • Build a Team

  • Reach Out to Retailers

  • Engage Community Organizations

  • Get Some Love from the Media

  • Engage Local Government

Campaign News

  • Chicago, Illinois

    Bangladesh Workers Visit Chicago

    April 16, 2014  Guest Post by Jamie Hayes, CFT member and local designer. Aleya Akter, the General Secretary of the Bangaldesh Garment and Industrial Workers Federation and Aklima Khanam, an 18-year-ol...
  • La Mesa, California

    La Mesa, California

    April 9, 2014 Celebrating a 1st Anniversary - Fair Trade Decor in Del Mar!Fair Trade DecorFair Trade Federation approvalFair Trade San Diego and La Mesa Fair Trade joined the celebration of Fair Trade Decor with t...
  • Charleston

    What Is Behind the Success?

    January 16, 2014 Giving Thanks in the New Year Christmas was a huge success for Filanthropi Market. Not only did we sell a lot of jewelry, the stories behind the jewelry became the focal point and the reason for the s...

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