Fair Trade at DeSales University

The Catholic Relief Services Ambassadors at DeSales University recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every human being. Because of this mission, we promote the purchase of Fair Trade items, which are produced by people who are treated ethically and receive a fair wage for their work.

Campaign Progress

Build Your Team

The Fair Trade committee provides leadership and direction for your campaign.

Completed October 23rd, 2018

Reach Out to Campus Outlets

Work with your food service provider to increase the availability of Fair Trade products on campus.

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Enroll Offices and Catering

Work with campus offices and catering to source Fair Trade products.

Completed March 21st, 2019

Commit to Fair Trade Education and Events

Raise awareness of Fair Trade on your campus through events, curriculum, news coverage, and more.

Completed April 24th, 2019

Pass a Fair Trade Resolution

Draw up a resolution that reflects the college’s commitment to Fair Trade and pass it through the appropriate decision-making bodies for approval.

Completed September 30th, 2020

Fair Trade Products

Dooling Cafe Dooling Hall
Desales Campus Store DeSales University Center
DeSales University Center Dining Hall DeSales University Center
Pulse Cafe Gambit Business Center
Sandella’s Cafe Dorthy Day Student Union


What is Fair Trade?

March 21, 2019 Download


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