Chocolate is Scary

Presented by Quinnipiac University

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


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Café Q

275 Mount Carmel Ave, Hamden, Connecticut
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This Halloween we are giving out fair trade chocolate and attaching information about how
“Chocolate is Scary.” Our chocolate tags include:

– Out of desperation, some family-owned cacao farms to illegal child labor and enlist kids from their extended families or communities to work excessively long, hazardous days in the field – to an abusive extreme far beyond normal chores or help.
– Illegal child labor in West Africa is a problem that has plagued the chocolate industry for decades, with little improvement despite international pressure.
– Far from home and their own languages, children are forced to work long days of dangerous labor with no access to education, proper nutrition or health care. Most are unable to escape or seek help.
– Thousands of children are trafficked from Mali and Burkina Faso and sold to cacao farmers in the Ivory Coast..

Hopefully after being educated on the scary truth about chocolate students will change their buying habits to Fair Trade Chocolate.