Macaya Cooperative: World Chocolate Day

Presented by Burlington, Vermont

Friday, June 07, 2019

10:00 am

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Peace and Justice Center

60 Lake street, Burlington, VT
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Saturday and Sunday, July 6-7 join us for a sampling of Pierrevy Polyte’s cocoa! Pierre Polyte from Macaya Cooperative will be providing samples of pure cocoa. We will learn more about the cocoa and coffee industry and our direct trade relationship with Macaya Coffee. Pierrevy’s project in Haiti was used to create opportunities for his neighbors by trading small scale lands to grow coffee, bananas, pumpkins and more! As his profits grew, he began investing into his community, funding a new school. However, when Hurricane Matthew hit, the school and homes were destroyed. This deeply affected the community. Come help support the reconstruction of Peak Macaya and celebrate both Fair Trade and Direct Trade!

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