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Fair Trade Towns

The Fair Trade Towns program challenges you to empower your community to be a leader in sustainability. Team up with the different sectors of your community to explore the positive impact of Fair Trade purchasing.

Activate your community’s commitment to social justice and global solidarity through Fair Trade. Take the challenge with hundreds of others to achieve our 5 comprehensive goals.

1. Build Your Team

The Fair Trade Committee provides leadership and direction for your campaign. Establish a diverse team that meets regularly and make sure it represents a cross section of your community including representatives of local organizations, retailers, faith groups, educators and city government.  

The Goal: Get on board a minimum of 5  team members.

2. Reach Out To Retailers

Work with retail locations in your town to offer two or more Fair Trade products.

The Goal:  The number of stores needed to complete this criteria is based on population size of your municipality. The breakdown of the retail goal for towns and cities of various sizes is in our toolkit linked below.

 3. Engage Community Organizations

Each town must have a certain number of community organizations using or serving Fair Trade products.

The Goal:  Like the Retail Goal, the number of community organizations needed to complete this criteria is based on the population size of your municipality.  The breakdown of the community organization goal for towns or cities of various sizes is in our toolkit linked below.

4. Get Some Love From The Media

Broadcast how local action can deliver life changing benefits to farmers and artisans.

The Goal:  There are no minimum requirements for this portion of the criteria, but we encourage you to aim for a range of media coverage.

5. Engage Your Local Government

Build long lasting relationships with your local government and pass a Fair Trade resolution.

The Goal:  Pass a Fair Trade resolution, or even better a more formal procurement policy.  There may be instances where passing something is not immediately possible.  In that event other options can lead to Fair Trade designation for your town.  Take a look at the toolkit below for more details!

Useful Resources

Fair Trade Towns Toolkit

February 26, 2014 Getting Started Download

Campaign Petition Sign-Up Form

December 21, 2013 Templates & Media Resources Download

Case Study-Goal 1: Boston, MA

December 21, 2013 Best Practices & Tips Download

Best Practices- Goal 1: Build Your Team

February 14, 2014 Best Practices & Tips Download

Fair Trade Colleges & Universities

It only takes one person to get your campus on track to become the next Fair Trade College or University. Starting a campaign is easy and fun, plus the tools you need are right here on our website.

Take a look below to see the goals you will achieve through advocating for Fair Trade on your campus:

1. Build Your Team

The Fair Trade Committee develops and provides leadership and direction for your campaign.  Students, faculty and staff work together on the committee to plan out events, monitor progress and pass a Fair Trade resolution.

The goal:  Get on board a minimum of 4 students and 1 non-student (faculty, staff, food service, etc).

2. Reach Out To Campus Outlets

Work with your food service provider to increase the availability of Fair Trade products on campus.

The goal: Ensure a minimum of two Fair Trade products are available in all campus-owned & operated venues as well as in service contracts where possible.

3. Source Fair Trade at Events & Meetings

Ensure that Fair Trade products are used at internal university meetings, events and in university offices. Offer Fair Trade coffee, tea, sugar and other products whenever possible (don’t forget catering!).

The Goal: Provide three examples of offices, major events (catering) or meetings that source Fair Trade.

4. Commit to Fair Trade Education

Sponsor Fair Trade educational events and activities on campus and work with faculty to bring Fair Trade into the classroom. Highlight Fair Trade products with appropriate signage and get some media love about your efforts from school publications.

The Goal: To drive awareness of Fair Trade on campus, at least two educational or celebratory activities must be completed each academic term.

5. Develop A Fair Trade Resolution

Develop a Fair Trade Resolution that includes the necessary commitments from the institution to meet the other four goals.

The Goal: Pass the resolution through the appropriate decision making bodies on campus.

Useful Resources

Fair Trade Colleges & Universities Toolkit

December 20, 2013 Getting Started Download

Customize Your Campaign- Tips from Penn State

December 20, 2013 Best Practices & Tips Download

Strategic Partnerships- House Your Movement (Creighton University)

December 20, 2013 Best Practices & Tips Download

Building Coalitions

December 20, 2013 Best Practices & Tips Download

Fair Trade Congregations

Fair Trade began with communities of faith, and their solidarity has been a leading contributor to the success of the grassroots movement. Bring Fair Trade to your congregation and align its purchases with the community’s values.

Assemble your community – take part in the Fair Trade Movement.

1.  Incorporate Fair Trade into the Social Teachings of the Congregation

Educate members of the congregation about how purchasing Fair Trade empowers them to live out their religious tradition.

The Goal:   The minimum number of activities to complete this goal is two with two per year required thereafter.

2. Replace goods purchased by the congregation with Fair Trade products where and when they are available

Replace food and beverage items like coffee, tea, sugar, communion wine and kosher chocolate, as well as artisan and craft products such as teapots, kitchen items, worship vestments, decorative items and others.

The Goal:   The minimum number of products is two with a goal of adding more each year.

3. Incorporate Fair Trade products into any pre-existing events

Look at the calendar of events for your congregation and determine which could naturally fit Fair Trade in as a component.

The Goal:  To complete this goal you must have two events that include Fair Trade.

Useful Resources

Fair Trade Congregations – Fact Sheet

September 10, 2014 Download

Fair Trade Congregations – The Goals

September 10, 2014 Best Practices & Tips Download

Fair Trade Congregations – Scripture & Quotes

September 10, 2014 Best Practices & Tips, Educational Activities & Curricula Download

Fair Trade Congregations – Tips & Case Studies

September 10, 2014 Best Practices & Tips Download

Fair Trade Schools

Fair Trade Schools is an opportunity for you to create a spark and inspire change that affects the global community. Take action for Fair Trade and unite fellow students and allies.

Transform lives by transforming purchases.

 1. Build Your Team

A teacher and/or student lead group should be formed to implement the campaign objectives and drive awareness.  Parents can and should be encouraged to participate where appropriate.

The Goal: The minimum number of committee members to complete this goal is 5.

2. Commit to Fair Trade Education & Events

By including Fair Trade in lesson plans, curricula and school events like assemblies and fairs, students understand the ways in which Fair Trade fits into their daily lives.

The Goal:  The minimum number of examples demonstrating a commitment to Fair Trade education and events is two.

3. Source Fair Trade Products

Offer Fair Trade products in cafeterias, vending machines, school stores or regularly include Fair Trade products in fundraisers like candy or bake sales.

The Goal: For permanent outlets (cafeteria, cafes, vending machines) you must have at least two products offered.  For occasional outlets (bake sales, fundraisers, etc) you must have at least 4 a year.


Useful Resources

Fair Trade Schools: An Overview

February 26, 2014 Download

Fair Trade Schools: The Goals

February 25, 2014 Best Practices & Tips Download

Fair Trade Schools: A List of Resources

March 4, 2014 Best Practices & Tips, Educational Activities & Curricula, Events & Outreach, Getting Started Download

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  1. Hello, FT Town organizers! Cleveland Heights is officially a fair trade town (we passed a resolution in city council on the 16th – the last step in our process). But, we’re not done. We’re interested in starting a new campaign in University Heights, OH. We need to be able to organize more than one campaign on this site to get that ball rolling.

    chrissy from Cleveland Heights, Ohio - 3 months ago

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