Fair Trade Month

Join the conversation. This Fair Trade Month, start a Fair Trade conversation. Talk to your barista about the impact of Fair Trade coffee. Tell a friend about your favorite Fair Trade product. Organize a film screening, classroom presentation, committee meeting, or community meetup. No matter how big or small, every conversation makes a difference.

We’re celebrating the impact of conversations with a Fair Trade Month webinar series. During the month of October, we will convene diverse voices to share their perspectives and expertise. Join us for one or several of our Fair Trade Month webinars to listen, learn, and spark conversation.

Enrolling Campus Decision Makers

Student advocates have the power to drive significant change on their campuses. By enrolling campus decision makers, students can amplify their voice, expand their impact, and establish a foundation for long-term engagement. From student government to the President’s office, there are a wide array of decision makers to choose from when seeking supporters and allies. In this conversation, we’ll hear from representatives of two groups that have strong alignment and impact on our Fair Trade work – sustainability and campus dining. Tune in for tips and tricks to grow your network and strengthen your campus advocacy.

Erin Fabris, Sustainability Manager, UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services
Lesley Forst Michalegko, Program Manager, ASU Sustainability Practices

UN Sustainable Development Goals: The Fair Trade Solution

The UN Sustainable Development Goals outline an ambitious agenda. Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere. Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. What role can Fair Trade play in delivering on these goals? Explore examples of sustainability in the coffee industry and learn how Fair Trade supports the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

Sergi Corbalán, Executive Director, Fair Trade Advocacy Office
Parker Townley, Senior Manager (Coffee), Fair Trade USA 

Telling Authentic Fair Trade Stories

Storytelling is a powerful tool in an advocate’s toolkit. Sharing personal passion and experience gives life to the facts of an issue, imbuing stories with the power to sway listeners and change minds takes intention and design. In Fair Trade advocacy, the most impactful experiences we can share are often not our own, but that of the farmers, workers and artisans behind the products. How can we tell these stories in a way that’s both impactful and respectful of the individuals we’re representing? This training will provide examples of effective storytelling and equip you with tools to tell your own authentic Fair Trade story.

Andrew Gonzalez, Supply Chain Specialist, Fair Trade USA
Joy McBrien, CEO & Founder, Fair Anita
Jenna Tanner, Content Strategist, Noonday Collection

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