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Connecting Fair Trade With Seasonal Holiday Shopping

Winter holidays present the perfect opportunity to promote thoughtful gift-giving. How is your organization/institution spreading the word about the benefits of Fair Trade shopping this holiday season? Please let us know what worked well/received positive response, as well as what wasn’t as successful so the larger Fair Trade community can benefit from your experience!

Community Answers

  1. Look for new people in organizations with shared mission e.g other social justice organizations, fair trade organizations like Ten Thousand Villages or support local, green etc. and look for people from different segments of society – diversity in the team – young, old, in school, a passionate parent (PTA member), with diverse skills sets (connected in the government and community, digital communication skills, computer literate etc.).

    nbhatt - 9 years ago
  2. St. John’s University Campaign had a good example of how they blended thoughtful gift-giving, the holiday season, and FT in their article entitled, “Fair Trade Vs. Holiday Consumer Madness”

    Find it here:

    Tori Curbelo from CUNY – Hostos Community College - 8 years ago
  3. I would agree with Nisha. A great way to spread awareness about fair trade is through the networks that we have already established ourselves in: who do you know, who do they know, and so on. Finding those local connections can help your campaign at the local level but also check out how you can connect up with campaigns nearby you. Collaborating with others is always a good way to spread the word and have fun at the same time. This can go for any holiday whether it is Halloween, Christmas, or Easter.

    Jackie Cummings - 8 years ago

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