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What Fair Trade products have the most success selling in bookstores or campus stores?

Asked by Vincent Sullivan-Jacques from Fair Trade Assumption College in Schools, Offices and Catering, Bookstore

Our campus is bringing in another corporate partner to operate the bookstore. We would like to make some recommendations to this new company.

What Fair Trade products have success selling in your campus store or bookstore?

6 Answers - 8 years ago

Sourcing Fair Trade Products Challenges and Solutions?

Asked by Tori Curbelo in Towns, Offices and Catering, Bookstore

Let’s work together!

What obstacles has your campaign faced while trying to source Fair Trade products?

Any tips for speaking to outlet managers? Any recommendations?

Please provide any insight below and let’s work out any problems together.

2 Answers - 8 years ago

What training/resources/education do campaigns need most to move forward with declaration?

Asked by Nisha in Towns, Build Your Team, Bookstore

What specific questions or needs do you have to move forward with specific goals?
Any specific areas of training, resources, education needed?

1 Answer - 8 years ago

How to Incorporate Fair Trade Handicrafts in College Store

Asked by cummingsj from Fair Trade Hartwick College in Universities, Retail Availability, Bookstore

I am interested in how I would go about getting fair trade handicrafts, gifts, etc. in our college bookstore. I know other fair trade colleges have these types of products such as lanyards, shirts, scarves, etc. from organizations like Mayan Hands and Alta Gracia (which I know we have Alta Gracia shirts). I am trying to incorporate products from Jolom Mayaetik, the cooperative that one of my professors works with from Chiapas, Mexico. I know that most bookstores on campuses may have specific vendors they have contracts with and it may interfere with those contracts.

1 Answer - 10 years ago

Fair trade books?

Asked by Jason Lemieux from Cardinal Stritch University in Universities, Retail Availability, Bookstore

We are looking for good books, movies, and otherwise to stock in our university bookstore. Does anyone have a good reading list?

3 Answers - 10 years ago

Fair trade apparel at your university

Asked by Andrea PM in Universities, Retail Availability, Bookstore

Are there any fair trade companies you have worked with to get fair trade apparel? What are some of the ways you have been able to get fair trade apparel on your campus?

4 Answers - 10 years ago