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What Fair Trade products have the most success selling in bookstores or campus stores?

Vincent Sullivan-Jacques from Fair Trade Assumption College April 18, 2016

Our campus is bringing in another corporate partner to operate the bookstore. We would like to make some recommendations to this new company.

What Fair Trade products have success selling in your campus store or bookstore?

Community Answers

  1. Hey Vincent!

    At University of San Diego, our students love Guayaki Yerba Mate, our local Fair Trade coffee and tea, Bug Bites chocolate, Runa Tea…. and more.

    In our book store, we have Fair Trade accessories and baskets. Check out Ten Thousand Villages or catalogues for ordering!

    Rosalie Plofchan - 8 years ago
  2. Excellent, thanks, Rosalie. Will do!

    Vincent Sullivan-Jacques from Fair Trade Assumption College - 8 years ago
  3. Hostos Community College offers Alta Gracia shirts which are popular because they are customized with the name of the institution and come in different colors

    Tori Curbelo - 8 years ago
  4. Tori, quick question. Who operates your bookstore? Is it run by the college or an outside firm ? Only asking because Assumption College is starting a new contract with Barnes and Nobles and I would like to find out if other colleges have had success getting them on board with Alta Gracia. Thanks -Vinnie

    Vincent Sullivan-Jacques from Fair Trade Assumption College - 8 years ago
  5. Good question Vincent. I believe the Barnes and Nobles operates independently. Other schools with Barnes and Nobles include Fordham University (their BB sources both Alta Gracia and Divine Chocolate), Hartwick College (Honest Tea and divine chocolate), and Depaul University (Alta Gracia) Even for major corporations, they are able to provide the products. The best time to get new products in an outlet is when a new contract is starting, it might be useful to ask for a meeting with the manager.

    Tori Curbelo - 8 years ago
  6. Hey Vincent. Our bookstore always sells out way to fast of the Alta Gracia apparel. We get a shipment right before fall semester starts and it all sells before the second week of school. It is affordable, and of course our school’s name is printed on them.

    jgilmanvorm from California Lutheran University - 8 years ago

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