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How have you found success with social media?

Asked by Jackie Cummings in Congregations, Community Organizations

Some campaigns excel with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even YouTube. What are some of the most successful techniques you’ve used in your campaigning in the digital sphere? What are some struggles you’ve had with social media? Have you found one social media outlet draws more interests and attention than other outlets?

5 Answers - 8 years ago

Does anyone have any Fair Trade activities for children?

Asked by Julie Buckingham from Teaneck, New Jersey in Towns, Community Organizations

Our campaign is participating in “Teaneck Night Out”, part of National Night Out, an event geared especially for families. In addition to our normal brochures that we have at our events, we’d like to have some activities at our table for children to do. I’m thinking something along the lines of a word search, something to color, and make something a little more mature for older children. Does anyone have any suggestions of resources we could use?

4 Answers - 10 years ago