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How to Incorporate Fair Trade Handicrafts in College Store

cummingsj from Fair Trade Hartwick College October 27, 2014

I am interested in how I would go about getting fair trade handicrafts, gifts, etc. in our college bookstore. I know other fair trade colleges have these types of products such as lanyards, shirts, scarves, etc. from organizations like Mayan Hands and Alta Gracia (which I know we have Alta Gracia shirts). I am trying to incorporate products from Jolom Mayaetik, the cooperative that one of my professors works with from Chiapas, Mexico. I know that most bookstores on campuses may have specific vendors they have contracts with and it may interfere with those contracts.

Community Answers

  1. Emily Z., Fair Trade Communities Fellow, here. Have you tried talking with the manager or the person in charge of procurement for the bookstore yet? If not, schedule a time to talk to them. They would be best at knowing what would and would not conflict with any contracts they have. Maybe also plan an event centered around Jolom Mayaetik. Talk about the group specifically, what fair trade is and how it’s made a difference for them, and if your professor has visited them have him share personal stories and pictures. Then ask the bookstore to tie in and see if they’ll carry some products for at least a trial period. Maybe having student interest and demand will be an extra push. Good luck!

    Ashley - 10 years ago

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