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Do you want a customized Product Request Cards for World Fair Trade Day?

Courtney Lang from School April 2, 2015

Howdy Campaigners!

World Fair Trade Day is upon us and Fair Trade Campaigns wants you to collect product request cards for fruits and vegetables in your community or coffee and tea on your campus!

Tell us what establishment you are targeting and what you will be doing to collect product request cards in your community by April 16th and we’ll customize them for you!

Please find details of our World Fair Trade Day program here:

Community Answers

  1. Fair Trade Villanova will specifically be targeting MOM’s Organic Market. This is a popular location to buy groceries for many upperclassmen who live off campus. They already offer many fair trade products but we believe this effort will propel them to the next level!

    Emily Wilson from Fair Trade Villanova - 8 years ago
  2. Yes that would be awesome!

    Julie Buckingham from Teaneck, New Jersey - 8 years ago
  3. Media Elementary School will be targeting Trader Joes! They do have Fair Trade Sugar, honey and coffee but we would love to see bananas, chocolate chips, avocados and all other fruits and veggies available. Not sure if there will be still to get that customize card, but let us know

  4. The Fair Trade Club at SUNY Geneseo will be hosting a study break during Finals Week. We’ll be enjoying a relaxing cup of fair trade tea or energizing cup of fair trade coffee! During the study break, we’ll discuss what we can do this summer to hit the ground running this fall!

    Benjamin Conard from Private: FAIR TRADE SUNY GENESEO - 8 years ago

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