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Don’t forget to claim your FREE Fair Trade Goody Bag!!

Courtney Lang from School May 18, 2015

Hey Folks! It seems that not everyone submitted their WFTD results this year. Please respond to this question to claim your FREE Fair Trade Goody Bag!

1. Campaign Name
2. The name of the Supermarket Chain Targeted
3. How many stores you plan to submit product request cards to
4. The best name and address to send your kit to

Community Answers

  1. Fair Trade Colonie
    CVS Pharmacy
    Travis Brodbeck
    515 Loudon Road, Loudonville NY 12211

    *C/Col. Travis Brodbeck, CAP*Northeast Region Cadet Advisory Council
    (C) 845.863.6722
    U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

    Travis Brodbeck from Fair Trade Colonie - 9 years ago

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