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Interactive Tabling Activities

mettyt from Fair Trade Hartwick College October 2, 2014

Has anyone found or created some really good, short, interactive activities for tabling at events?We are looking for some interactive, educational, and fun activities to have at our tabling events, such as a fun quiz-type activity or matching game.

Community Answers

  1. Bring a globe or a map. Play a game trying to get visitors to name a country that participates and then ask them to find that country. Obviously, the globe or map must be blank. You can use a laptop for this, but a large nameless map would be perfect. It is fun an educational.


    Steven Wilson from Columbia, MO and Jefferson City, MO - 10 years ago
  2. Partner with your Dining Service to have sample slices of FT bananas and
    have a 3 to 5 question banana facts quiz about the differences between FT
    and conventional bananas. Or, partner with the bookstore for samples of FT
    chocolate and do a chocolate quiz.

    mdruschel from Mankato Area Fair Trade Town Initiative (MAFTTI) - 10 years ago
  3. Hi there!

    I’m from Not for Sale at Adrian College. In the past, we’ve set up iPads
    and have had people take this quiz: to get
    them thinking about their individual contributions to slavery.
    It’seffective and eye-opening and in my experience has really made people
    pay attention. Good luck!

    -Maddie Fox

    mfox from Private: Adrian College - 10 years ago

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