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Tim Hortons on campus?

Benjamin Conard from Private: FAIR TRADE SUNY GENESEO May 31, 2014

Word on the street is that SUNY Geneseo will be getting a Tim Hortons on campus within the next year and half. Has anyone had any experience working on fair trade specifically with Tim Hortons? Or maybe even advice about working with Starbucks that could relate?

Community Answers

  1. We are getting Vermont Coffee Company this fall but I know that Starbucks,
    Dunkin and Tim Horton’s were options but we advocated for 100% FT.

    Dr. Shannon O’Neill, Ph.D.
    Director, Sr Thea Bowman Center for Women
    Siena College
    515 Loudon Rd.
    Loudonville, NY 12211

    Shannon O'Neill from Fair Trade Siena College - 10 years ago
  2. From my understanding, Tim Horton’s operates under their own ethical standards. While they do follow certain certification process and “Key Performance Indicators”, they do not adhere to Fair Trade standards and I do not think they have a Fair Trade blend. I would suggest compiling a petition from students to request a Fair Trade coffee at your Tim Horton’s site, but to go through your food service provider since TH might not be able to help.

    My university had Dunkin and the espresso (for lattes) was actually Fair Trade. I opted to buy an Americano (made with espresso and water) instead of coffee each day because the coffee itself was not Fair Trade.

    Stephanie - 10 years ago
  3. We have Starbucks coffee on UW Oshkosh’s campus! We worked with the food service providers and were able to get one Fair Trade blend. If you end up working with them, make sure to use signage to promote that their purchase helps farmers!!

    schila64 - 9 years ago

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