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What are you doing for World Fair Trade Day?

Courtney Lang from School March 28, 2014

This year Fair Trade Campaigns encourages Towns, Schools, and Colleges & Universities to host bake sales, bake offs and study breaks to honor this global celebration.

Campaigns who host bake sales, bake offs or study breaks will be offered baking kits with free samples, as well as tools and materials to host successful events!

Community Answers

  1. Courtney:

    We will by holding Fair Trade Bake Off anchored at the Raleigh Ten Thousand

    We will also be providing more information on the Raleigh Fair Trade Towns
    movement and enlisting more volunteers.

    Providing more information on Fair Trade food and ingredients and where in
    the Raleigh are you can purchase them I am working on contacting local
    grocery stores to get them on board to them into the Fair Trade Raleigh
    Campaign, ie Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Spice Shop, Ben & Jerrry’s, etc.

    All and all just trying to capture enthusiasm and letting people know about
    what is available other than coffee and chocolate in the food arena that is
    available as a Fair Trade product.


    Susan O’Neill

    Susan O'Neill from Raleigh, North Carolina - 9 years ago
  2. For World Fair Trade Day, Fair Trade Houston is hosting a Fair Trade
    Pancake Brunch! While this isn’t a “traditional” baking event, there will
    be lots of sweet treats and delicious, homemade pancakes at the event for
    everyone to try! If we have the baking kit as well, we might be able to
    tack on a small bake sale at the event for people to take treats home with
    them. There is always room for more Fair Trade goodies!

    Misa Nguyen from Houston, Texas - 9 years ago
  3. Fair Trade Bethlehem NY will be holding a Fair Trade Fun Day at the local
    library – international activities for kids, plus sampling the results of a
    Fair Trade Bake-off. Saturday May 10, 10:30am-12:30pm.

    Anna McMahon from Bethlehem, New York - 9 years ago
  4. St John’s Episcopal in Mankato MN is hosting Fair Trade Coffee Hours after our worship on the Sunday before WFTD to help promote local WFTD activities and to share yummy treats baked with Fair Trade and local foods. We’ll offer recipes for the items we make. Our group is energized to help promote WFTD and to educate about cooking with FT and local ingredients, like those yummy eggs from free range chickens!

    Margo Druschel from Saint John’s Episcopal Church - 9 years ago

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