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What contributed to the success of your 2016 Fair Trade Month event(s)?

Take a moment to reflect upon what you think helped make this year’s Fair Trade Month activities in your school, university, town, or congregation a success. Briefly describe your event/activities and share what worked and why.

For bonus points (:-D), tell us what you might do differently next time and why.

Community Answers

  1. Hostos CC recently hosted a women’s empowerment event. Several presenters and experts in the field talked about about women’s rights and equality, and even shared some devastating statistics.

    As last presenter, I shared how Fair Trade supports empowerment of women all over the world, and everyone can support women artisan and farmers by buying Fair Trade. We even sourced FT at the event as a tangible way for people for individuals to take action to support the cause.

    Tori Curbelo from CUNY – Hostos Community College - 9 years ago

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