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What groups do you collaborate with on your campus?

asackers from Loyola Marymount University July 30, 2014

This year I want our campaign to collaborate with other student groups on campus. Has anyone collaborated with other student groups and what were some of the events you did together?

Community Answers

  1. I work closely with the rotary club on campus. Their values coincide well
    with the campaign. I’d also look at international clubs. They can be a
    great asset!

    Melissa Haas from Fair Trade Davidson County Community College - 10 years ago
  2. Our FT group is pretty new but they have already reached out to other groups both student and faculty/administrative groups. The international student groups has been supportive as many of those students know first-hand of the injustices of non fair trade enterprises. They did a potluck with international foods Nd then shared information. They have also collaborated with the advisory committee for the dining service. The dining folks are very experienced in sustainability and local food And they are numerous FT items in the dining hall. Dining service donated FT banana bread to the WFTD outreach efforts. Good luck with your campaign!

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    mdruschel from Mankato Area Fair Trade Town Initiative (MAFTTI) - 10 years ago
  3. The Sustainability Program and the student organization, EcoRollins. We combine fair trade with events such as America Recycles Day and Earth Day. EcoRollins students also sit on the Committee on Environmental and Sustainable Issues which our fair trade committee is a sub committee of, so those students work very closely with anything having to do with fair trade. At Valentine’s Day, EcoRollins sells the larger Fair Trade chocolate bars rather than flowers or plants.

  4. Last year we supported the Alta Gracia workers tour with the on campus NoSweat! group. We partner with the local food cooperative to do Fair Trade coffee events and give aways. We have an Office of Sustainability and have done events at dorms. We do “offsite sales” with the local Fair Trade store where we get a small percentage of sales to support marketing.

    Mary Embry from Bloomington, Indiana - 10 years ago
  5. Hi asackers,

    At Colorado State University we work with the Palm Oil Group which fights
    against products that contain palm oil, Global Awareness and International
    Affairs which is the club meant for International Studies majors or anyone
    else who has an interest in anything global. We have a group on campus
    called No More Injustice that puts on a yearly event in April called
    Enslaved that is a 15 minute slavery experience. All three of which are
    really helpful in coordinating events together!

    Good luck!

    Connor Schimdt from Fair Trade Colorado State University - 10 years ago
  6. We’ve partnered with Praxis, the sociology club, since FT is mostly organized through sociology here. We did a fair trade coffeehouse, where we had ftc teas, coffees, chocolate, and hot chocolate.

    Another good group is a any Christian, especially Catholic, groups on campus – or any religious group, as many religions focus on helping others gain justice, but Catholic groups are the biggest organizers of this.

    Partner with Res Life groups like hall council to do special programming for residents.

    mettyt from Fair Trade Hartwick College - 10 years ago

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