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What kind of events does your campus hold for Fair Trade?

Courtney Lang from School June 29, 2015

How does your campus celebrate and promote fair trade? What have you done in the past that worked really well? How did you get students and staff to take time out of their schedules to participate? How do you recruit new members and share the fair trade mission? We’d love to hear them all, and even brainstorm some new ones! Join the conversation in the comments below!

Community Answers

  1. So what we hold is a variety of events:

    – Club Fair Recruiting and Chocolate Tasting
    – Classroom presentations in First Year Seminar Classes or any related class honestly
    – Faculty Appreciation Nights
    – Fair Trade your Halloween
    – Fair Trade Soccer Tournament with Senda Fair Trade Soccer Ball
    – Annual Fair Trade Conference
    – Field trip to Ben and Jerry’s or Ten Thousand Villages
    – Fair Trade Month tabling
    – Fair Trade Day tabling
    – Fair Trade Tshirt Tye Dye
    – Fair Trade body scrubs
    – What’s in your makeup.

    A few other events here and there. Pretty much collaborations with other events to incorporate Fair Trade products is the easiest way.

    Let me know if you have other questions.

    Travis Brodbeck

    viper8895 from Private: Albany, NY - 9 years ago
  2. Below are some of the events the Fair Trade Club at SUNY Geneseo has hosted! Please feel free to reach out to if you’d like to know the details on any of them!

    -Benjamin Conard

    Block Printing With Fair Trade Club
    Fair Trade Club Food Party
    Fair Trade Study Break
    Fair Trade Food & Artisan Show
    Geneseo Goes Global – Presentation on Fair Trade
    GREAT Day – Edgar Fellows Miscellany 5 – Talking Coffee: How 18th Century It-Narratives Can Repair Fair Trade Marketing
    GREAT Day – Geneseo: Entrepreneurship & Innovation – Fair Trade
    Tea With The President
    Multilingualism Night – Fair Trade German Chocolate
    ¡Justicia! Spanish Spelling Bee, Fair Trade Chocolate Tasting, & Friendship Bracelet Fundraiser
    TEDxGeneseo Fair Trade: A Just World Starts With You
    Fair Trade Tea With The President
    Escape The Cold With Fair Trade Club
    Street Fair With Juggling Club & Fair Trade Club
    Eco-House Chocolate Tasting
    Block Printing With Fair Trade Club & GLK
    Fair Trade Tea With The President
    Holiday Jubilee – Fair Trade Club Table, Chocolates & Farmer Holiday Letters
    Tees & Tea
    Fair Trade Tea With The President
    SUNY Sustainability Conference – Fair Trade Colleges & Universities Presentation – SUNY Geneseo
    Fair Trade Club Table – Student Organization Expo
    Welcome Back Jam – Table
    Earth Week – Fair Trade Club Tabling
    Fair Trade Bake Sale Study Break
    New Student Meet-Up Hosted By Juggling Club
    German Club Weeks of Welcome Table
    CAS Food Show – Fair Trade Club Table
    Global Village Student Expo – Fair Trade Presentation

    Benjamin Conard from Private: FAIR TRADE SUNY GENESEO - 9 years ago
  3. Below are samples of what we did here at Rollins College to celebrate Fair Trade this past year. As you can see, we collaborated with many different student organizations and campus departments which helped bring up our numbers of participants. We would also schedule during the common hours on Tues and Thurs, the two most open days of the week, and also in the evening when students were more available too… depended on who we were trying to reach. The Wellness Fair/Earth Day event was from 3-7pm which covered day students, faculty, staff and evening students.
    We recruit students into our student organization, EcoRollins, and that brings in students that care, understand or share that they want to know more about fair trade.
    1. Find your Anchor Event
    • Promotion of Fair Trade designation by giving out samples of fair trade chocolates. Took pictures for the “Where’s the Fair” photo contest mentioned below. Also setup for Tie Dying t-shirts for the Rollins community.
    • August 26, 2014
    • Community Engagement and Campus Student Inclusion

    2. “Where’s the Fair” Photo Contest
    • Fair trade chocolate or not fair trade chocolate photos which were sent to the Fair Trade Colleges and Universities Organization Campaign.
    • August – September 2014
    • Placed 2nd in the nation!
    • Had hundreds of students, staff, and faculty participate
    • Used EcoRollins as an outlet for this competition

    3. Keep Calm & REP on Event
    • EcoRollins provided Fair Trade baked goods (cookies and brownies) for this event to promote the use of Fair Trade products.
    • Oct 21, 2014
    • Hosted by Rollins Entertainment Programs’ (REP)

    4. Halloween Howl
    • Fair Trade Chocolate giveaways to hundreds of children and parents on this annual Halloween event to the Winter Park community
    • October 25, 2014
    • Hosted by the Center for Leadership and Community Involvement (CLCE)
    • EcoRollins and the Sustainability Program participated

    5. Fair Trade Your Valentines’ Day
    • EcoRollins/Sustainability Program sold (#) Divine Fair Trade Chocolate Bars for Valentines’ Day
    • February 10th – 13th, 2015

    6. Wellness Fair / Earth Day Celebration
    • EcoRollins and the Sustainability Program participated in the campus wellness fair, promoting the campus bicycle program [and biking in general!], fair trade products throughout the campus, and the use of reusable bottles
    o Fair Trade Chocolates were given away
    o There was a raffle for a basket of Fair Trade products (chocolate, coffee, basket, etc. purchased from Ten Thousand Villages)
    • April 23, 2015
    • Partnered with the Wellness Center
    • Over 500 students, faculty, and staff members attended

    7. Reading Day Study Break
    • Gave out Fair Trade baked goods, stickers, gum, bookmarks, chocolate, sugar, and coffee during this study break outside of the library. Also for celebration of Fair Trade Day (in May).
    • April 29, 2015
    • Partnered with Office of Student Affairs

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