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What were your goals at the beginning of the year? What have you accomplished.

Katherine Chen April 1, 2016

It is the end of March, and one-fourth of the year is already gone. Recall the goals that you have set for yourself or your campaign at the beginning of the year.
What have you accomplished? What did you learn? How do you plan to complete the rest over the remaining time?

Community Answers

  1. I completed two events and was pleased with the showcase outcome of sales
    and marketing for the exhibitors. I have a calendar of events for 2016 and
    taking it month by month. My next big events are in November and
    December. One showcases health and wellness exhibitors/entrepreneurs and
    the other will be a creative christmas fair. It will be my second time
    showcasing these events.
    I plan to do 4 live events and the others are corporate or virtual.

    I need to learn about sponsorships and collaborations

    Thank you for asking and your support.


    Marie Andrew Piazza
    I am Ready World Events
    Experiences worth sharing

    marie andrew piazza - 8 years ago

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