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Who is working on a Towns Procurement Policy in 2015?

scotttess from Champaign Fair Trade February 20, 2015

Hey all,
Let me know if you are working to pass a Fair Trade Towns Procurement Policy or Ordinance in 2015. What is working for you to get the ear of officials? Need some help in your procurement efforts? To learn from a campaign that is hitting on all procurement cylinders, follow Houston.

Community Answers

  1. Hi I live in south jersey, near Atlantic City, having a hard time with the town council, we have at least 5 ft shops, and the local supermarket sells ft coffee, chocolate and sugar. We organize a Fair trade gift fair every year for the past 10 years, going strong and still not considered a ft town. We work throught the Stockton State College and their ecology group to stay on campus for the event. check out our ft face book page, South Jersey Fair Trade Alliance.

    thanks for listening , give me a shout back soon.


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    Penny Klein from Galloway, New Jersey - 9 years ago
  2. Hi Penny,
    10 years ! Wow! Thanks for your efforts. Looks like your just missing community organizations and the town council piece. Keep in mind the alternative pathway for finishing your Engage Your Town. Have you downloaded the procurement resources from the website?

    scotttess from Champaign Fair Trade - 9 years ago
  3. It is a good idea to find out what your city’s current procurement policy is to start with

    nbhatt - 9 years ago
  4. Absolutely. I always start at because most cities house their ordinances there. Sometimes procurement is not an ordinance though, just a policy instead.

    scotttess from Champaign Fair Trade - 9 years ago

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