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Do you have intern descriptions or recommendations on working with interns?

Sibel Berberoglu from Hoboken, New Jersey April 7, 2014

Hoboken is looking for a summer intern to help with our campaign.

Community Answers

  1. Hi Sibel!

    Here at Ten Thousand Villages Cleveland we have used summer interns in the past and are looking for one for this year as well. I would post on as well as Fair Trade Resource Network’s website in addition to emailing your posting to any local colleges (I would not recommend a HS intern for this campaign). If you need help with a description feel free to email me at and I can send you what we use as a template. Hope that helps!


    manager.clevelandheights from Cleveland Heights, Ohio - 10 years ago
  2. Hello,
    We had this semester two intern from the local middle school at the MEDIA FAIR TRADE TOWN COMMITTEE (I am in both campaigns – the elementary school and the town).
    We did not write any description but recruited them through a teacher who knew some kids were looking for opportunities in the community.
    We met with them ahead of time and discussed what they wanted to do and what we needed and we found common ground. Worked better to go with what they felt inspired to do rather than what we felt we needed. Again, this was not for credit so they were really just kind of volunteering rather than interning. Hope this helps!

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