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What have been some successful fair trade events?

mvleigh from Fair Trade at Indiana University March 11, 2014

Our team is trying to brainstorm ideas for an interactive and educational event to engage our campus in the cause of fair trade. Has anyone held any successful events lately that were fun, interactive, and educational?

Community Answers

  1. We have paired with a lot of other student groups to put on events. This helps a lot with attendance. We have held an open mic night with our sustainability group that had a coffee, tea, and chocolate tasting. We also have a fair trade friday sale every other friday were we sell artisan goods, coffee, tea, and chocolate. We sell at a populated part of campus where there are a lot of students, faculty, and staff pass by.

    Grace Donnelly from Fair Trade John Carroll University - 10 years ago
  2. At St Olaf College, we have had some successful documentary showing, with
    fair trade chocolate, coffee, and tea. They were low key but educational,
    and people seemed to enjoy post-film discussion.

    bane from St. Olaf College - 10 years ago
  3. Free Food! We are a Fair Trade Congregation–but we all have the same problem-
    2nd./1st. Church, volunteers to work a booth at 2 big benefits (non-profit)–we give away chocolate at the Chocoholic Frolic and serve coffee at 100 Men Who Cook-we also provide literature–Go directly to the Co-op, you buy from and ask for a donation-we have done our 2 big events with the help of Equal Exchange.
    We do our events for The ARC and The Literacy Council—Go to our fair trade congregation page and best of luck.

    Linda Roy from 2nd Congregational/ 1st Presbyterian Church - 10 years ago
  4. We’ve painted soapstone, shown movies about the coffee and chocolate industries and gave out free FT coffee and chocolate, hosted a “Hunger Banquet” to simulate poverty & the birth lottery, & had guest speakers.. Like our Facebook page to hear about more of our events:

    Michael Billotti from Fair Trade Fordham University - 10 years ago

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