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What resources do you need for this spring?

Jackie Cummings January 22, 2016

As the spring semester is getting under way, many of your campaigns will be coming up with different events to host. What sort of resources do you think you’ll need to help with your events?

Community Answers

  1. The best recruitment tactic is… free chocolate! Who doesn’t love free, fair, and delicious chocolate?!

    Benjamin Conard from Private: FAIR TRADE SUNY GENESEO - 8 years ago
  2. A listing of Fair Trade companies that provide donations. Or if possible stores within our areas that carry Fair Trade Products.

    nickfayn from Fair Trade UMass Boston - 8 years ago
  3. Something that really worked well on my campus was anything that provided
    products and places that they could order the products. Also, just
    providing a list of companies that are Fair Trade would be very helpful.

    Emily Toupalik
    Adrian College, 2014
    (419) 889-0449

    etoupalik from Private: Adrian College - 8 years ago
  4. Ditto on the chocolates……..yes, small bites of free fair trade chocolates always helps attract folks. But also , for Valentines Day, we sell the 3.5 oz bars of chocolate! What’s better than chocolate for Valentine’s day…..better than flowers. And for us, the cost and sale is a ‘wash’, but just another way of spreading the word.

  5. Links to companies that sell Fair Trade apparels would be great! Not every product on CustomInk is FT certified.

    Katherine Chen - 8 years ago
  6. Thank you for the responses. A great place to find a list of companies that source fair trade products is right off of the Fair Trade USA website ( From here you’ll be able to find the specific product you are looking for as well as the companies that carry these products.

    Another great website to utilize is the Fair Trade Resource Network. You can find a list of different resources including films, books, webinars, academic papers, and tools. There is a page designated specifically for identifying fair trade products ( This also gives you links to the many sites for fair trade organizations, including Fair Trade USA, Fair for Life, Fair Trade Federations and more.

    In cases where you are looking in your general region, check to see if there are other campaigns nearby you that have found success in finding local stores that carry fair trade products. This is a great way to network with your community and build lasting partnerships. For example, Boston has a declared campaign through us. On their webpage ( they have a map that shows retail locations and community organizations that participate in the fair trade movement. If there aren’t any campaigns in your region, I would do a little research to see which local stores have fair trade products.

    Jackie Cummings - 8 years ago
  7. Thank you!

    Katherine Chen - 8 years ago
  8. Jackie, thanks for the great resources. Just curious, have any other schools or campaigns created a map of their campus or town with where one could purchase Fair Trade products? Would love to see that. At Assumption College, our campus is small, but an interactive map might help improve awareness.

    Vincent Sullivan-Jacques from Fair Trade Assumption College - 8 years ago
  9. Hi Vinnie.

    Thanks for that question. I am not sure if other campaigns have created maps of their campus or community where they could purchase products. I know if you look on the individual Town campaign pages, there is a map that shows the businesses that are associated with the campaign and that have made a commitment to providing fair trade options.

    I would be very curious to see if college, school, and congregation campaigns were to utilize this technique how it would effect their campaign as a whole. I would be more than happy to look further into this though!

    Thanks 🙂

    Jackie Cummings - 8 years ago

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