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What are some good documentaries with activities that I can show at events on campus?

timothy.dietzler July 15, 2014

I am seeking suggestions on Fair Trade documentaries which might highlight activities to support building and supporting a campaign on college and university campuses. Thanks in advance for your insights,. TIm

Community Answers

  1. The Dark Side of Chocolate is a documentary on the negative side of
    harvesting cacao in Africa

    Casey Gallagher
    Class of 2015
    Vice President, Siena Students for Fair Trade

    ca22gall from Fair Trade Siena College - 10 years ago
  2. Global Exchange sells “The Dark Side of Chocolate” of chocolate for $6 and they have a great screening toolkit that you can download. Here’s their website:

    Darlene Fukuji - 10 years ago
  3. Try the Price of Sugar, Black Gold, the Dark Side of Chocolate, and Shady
    Chocolate. In Teaneck, we are making a new film which should be available
    next summer. Good luck.

    *…Give as generously as
    you can to support our efforts at supporting vulnerable farmers and
    producers in the global South.*

    DennisKlein from Teaneck, New Jersey - 10 years ago
  4. Hi Timothy,

    Some of my favorite places to look at for documentaries are through Equal
    Exchange on YouTube. There you can find short videos to full length videos
    on certain fair trade organizations and their internal functions to how to
    make tasty foods out of the products they offer. Online, at their retail
    website, you can also order posters, stickers, and brochures to pass out at
    your event. All of these items can be ordered at no charge and are a great
    help. I hope these will be some good resources for you and wish you the
    best of luck!


    Melissa Haas-Jones
    DCCC Fair Trade Activist

    Melissa Haas from Fair Trade Davidson County Community College - 10 years ago
  5. We have shown Dark Side of Chocolate which is a great and very powerful
    film about the issue of human trafficking on cocoa plantations.

    alyshaks - 10 years ago
  6. Hi, Timothy,

    The “Connected by Coffee” documentary is a great one – it highlights small
    coffee farmers and does a good job explaining the fair trade model. Very

    You can order a copy here:


    Renee Bowers
    Executive Director
    Ph: 302-655-5203
    @FTFederation ,,
    100 W. 10th Street, Suite 604
    Wilmington, DE 19801

    *Miss our 2014 Conference in Indianapolis? You can still hear session
    recordings and access resources from presenters on our Business Resource
    Library !*

    rb - 10 years ago
  7. Hi Tim,

    I think there is a new fair trade film about coffee that I haven’t seen.
    I’ve screened “Black Gold” a couple times for students and it goes over
    pretty well. I’m unaware of any films looking at fair trade from a social
    movement perspective within the united states. Good luck and let me know
    if I can help further.


    Assistant Professor
    Department of Sociology
    Saint Joseph’s University
    5600 City Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395

    Buying Into Fair Trade

    Keith Brown from Saint Joseph’s University - 10 years ago
  8. The Price of Suga r is
    powerful. This may be as well

    Dr. Shannon O’Neill, Ph.D.
    Director, Sr Thea Bowman Center for Women
    Siena College
    515 Loudon Rd.
    Loudonville, NY 12211

    Shannon O'Neill from Fair Trade Siena College - 10 years ago
  9. The Dark Side of Chocolate
    The Price of Sugar

    Ann M. Francis, HH ’01
    Program Coordinator
    Environmental Studies
    Sustainability Program
    1000 Holt Avenue
    Campus Box 2753
    Winter Park, FL 32789
    Ph. 407-646-2392
    Fx. 407-646-2364

    Ann Francis from Rollins College Fair Trade - 10 years ago
  10. Hey Tim – Here is your one stop shop!! Fair Trade Campaigns list then all right here: Here is your one stop shop –>

    Courtney Lang from School - 10 years ago
  11. Thanks everyone for your responses. It is greatly appreciated. Wow, what a great resource! We are Fair Trade! Tim

    timothy.dietzler - 10 years ago
  12. I was wondering if you had the list from FT Campaigns of Fair Trade films – it’s pretty extensive. It’s on the FT Campaigns site under resources and then Fair Trade films but the link is:

    joanharper818 from Los Angeles, California - 10 years ago
  13. Two films from Stone Hut Studios of Traverse City, MI should be on the top of the list because they current, factual, and appropriate for an academic setting…they are Connected by Coffee and The People and the Olive.

    Carol Smith from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - 10 years ago

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