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Is anyone an AASHE member?

Asked by scotttess from Champaign Fair Trade in Towns, Resolutions and Procurement

Apparently AASHE has sustainable procurement guidance that includes Fair Trade… Be nice to see this document.

2 Answers - 5 years ago

Does anyone have any Fair Trade activities for children?

Asked by Julie Buckingham from Teaneck, New Jersey in Towns, Community Organizations

Our campaign is participating in “Teaneck Night Out”, part of National Night Out, an event geared especially for families. In addition to our normal brochures that we have at our events, we’d like to have some activities at our table for children to do. I’m thinking something along the lines of a word search, something to color, and make something a little more mature for older children. Does anyone have any suggestions of resources we could use?

4 Answers - 6 years ago

Maintain Momentum

Asked by atlanta-ga from Atlanta, Georgia in Towns, Build Your Team

Hi there! I am wondering if you have faced problems keeping your committee motivated in the midst of busy schedules, etc? How do you maintain momentum without overwhelming people or becoming overwhelmed yourself?

5 Answers - 7 years ago

How have you put together successful lectures

Asked by Maria Lewytzkyj-Milligan from Santa Rosa, California in Towns

How have you put together successful lectures in your town that get an interesting dialogue between people who are supporters of fair trade, are willing to speak about it the issues and local audiences?

1 Answer - 7 years ago

How do we engage people who are fun/adventure seekers?

Asked by Maria Lewytzkyj-Milligan from Santa Rosa, California in Towns

One of the pitfalls of living in a beautiful place is that many people spend much of their off time as weekend warriors, especially in the warmer clearer months. Do any of you have any suggestions on ways to combine their love for say the ocean and getting a group to go with helping our Fair Trade town campaign locally?

2 Answers - 7 years ago

What would you like to hear about on the Fair Trade Schools Webinar?

Asked by Courtney Lang from School in Towns

We’re hosting a Fair Trade Schools webinar next Tuesday, May 20. You are invited to attend, as well as support us in getting the word out to schools in your community!

When is the webinar?
Date: Tuesday, May 20
Time: 5:00 pm ET/ 4:00 pm CT/ 2:00 pm PT
Register Here:

2 Answers - 7 years ago

Ethical/Sustainable Office Supplies?

Asked by awilson from Fair Trade St. Michael’s College in Towns, Fair Trade Education

In an inquiry to OfficeMax regarding FT supplies for a congregation, we received this .pdf:

Their wording is very vague and their (mediocre) standards are not certified by a third party investigator.

Does anyone have suggestions or experience in purchasing FT or ethically/sustainably sourced office supplies?

2 Answers - 7 years ago

Do you have intern descriptions or recommendations on working with interns?

Asked by Sibel Berberoglu from Hoboken, New Jersey in Towns

Hoboken is looking for a summer intern to help with our campaign.

2 Answers - 7 years ago

What are you doing for World Fair Trade Day?

Asked by Courtney Lang from School in Towns

This year Fair Trade Campaigns encourages Towns, Schools, and Colleges & Universities to host bake sales, bake offs and study breaks to honor this global celebration.

Campaigns who host bake sales, bake offs or study breaks will be offered baking kits with free samples, as well as tools and materials to host successful events!

4 Answers - 7 years ago

How to generate media interest?

Asked by Anna McMahon from Bethlehem, New York in Towns, Media Coverage

Does anyone have good tips for generating media attention for Fair Trade / Fair Trade events?

4 Answers - 7 years ago