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How to reach out to younger students on campus?

Asked by Connor Schimdt from Fair Trade Colorado State University in Universities, Build Your Team

We are wanting to expand our campaign, especially to Freshman and Sophomores as we only have Juniors and Seniors. What strategies have been used to reach out to this group of people outside of advertising for events and meetings in general?

3 Answers - 10 years ago

Fair trade apparel at your university

Asked by Andrea PM in Universities, Retail Availability, Bookstore

Are there any fair trade companies you have worked with to get fair trade apparel? What are some of the ways you have been able to get fair trade apparel on your campus?

4 Answers - 10 years ago

How do I recruit members for my team?

Asked by Parker Townley from Baruch College in Universities, Build Your Team

We have been having troubles getting Freshman and Sophomores involved in our efforts on campus.. How can we get more folks on board and generate new leaders?

1 Answer - 10 years ago

How can we advertise our group?

Asked by Lucy Kramer from Fair Trade University of the Pacific in Universities, Build Your Team

We would like more people to be involved as well as have more people attend events, etc.

1 Answer - 10 years ago

Recruitment, attendance, and interest

Asked by Andrew Schalin from Fair Trade Point Loma Nazarene University in Universities, Build Your Team

How have you engaged the student body and increased interested in fair trade? What events were most successful in attendance?

1 Answer - 10 years ago