Fair Trade Farmers Share Their Story!

Courtney Lang April 28, 2011

Tune in to Fair Trade USA’s live USTREAM broadcast this Friday to hear farmers share their stories about Fair Trade

On Friday, April 29, at 9am PT/12pm ET, you’re invited to tune in to our live USTREAM broadcast on the Fair Trade Certified Facebook page to hear from four international coffee and cocoa farmers about how Fair Trade has impacted their lives and their communities.  Viewers will also be able to join the conversation by submitting questions for the panelists to answer during the broadcast.

In preparation for World Fair Trade Day, Saturday May 14, Fair Trade USA is working hard to Wake Up the World to the benefits of Fair Trade.  Through the Fair Trade model over 1.2 million farmers have been able to forge better business opportunities and cut out intermediaries, resulting in tremendous impact for these workers and thier families.  Fair Trade premiums that provide community development funds help enable cooperatives and associations to invest in their communities when they lack economic opportunities. This Friday, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a few of these amazing people from the comfort of your own home, school or office.

We welcome you to tune in to our live broadcast and online discussion to hear how Fair Trade works on the ground, and about the power of the consumer to create global change through a daily cup of coffee, chocolate bar or banana.  Fair Trade USA President & CEO Paul Rice will engage in a lively discussion with farmers from Costa Rica, Indonesia, Kenya and Peru about how Fair Trade has benefited their families, their communities and the environment.   This is a rare opportunity for the farmers to communicate directly with the American consumers who buy their products, finally bringing the supply chain full circle.

The Line-Up

Paul Rice, President & CEO, Fair Trade USA

Wendy Campos Barboza, CoopeTarrazú, Costa Rica

Armia Shikin Mandago, Permata Gayo Cooperative, Indonesia

Raymond Gitau Wanyugi, Ndumberi Coffee Growers Society, Kenya

Isaac Zúñiga Aguilar, Cooperativa Agraria Industrial Naranjillo, Peru

Get Involved

Viewers are encouraged to ask questions during the broadcast by posting them on the Fair Trade Certified Facebook page or using #FairTradeDay on Twitter.

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Courtney Lang, National Organizer | Fair Trade Campaigns

Courtney Lang brings over 5 years of community organizing to Fair Trade Towns USA, building both the Local Food and Fair Trade networks in Vermont. As Local Food Coordinator with City Market/Onion River Cooperative, Courtney worked with local producers, institutions and consumers to grow the local food system and organize a strategic model for community engagement through farm tours, workshops, and local food challenges. Like many in the Fair Trade industry, Courtney was inspired to take action in Fair Trade when she witnessed child-labor first hand in Costa Rica. As a founding member of Fair Trade Burlington, she has worked with economic development organizations, businesses, and consumers to build awareness of Fair Trade among Vermonters. She also worked with a Fair Trade USA licensee, Vermont Coffee Company, as Friend Ambassador where she united the story of Fair Trade to every purchase of coffee.