Case Study: Forming Strategic Partnerships

Parker Townley June 20, 2013
By Dr. Thomas Kelly, Professor Creighton University
& Parker Townley

Make use of campus institutions

Partnerships can help guide and provide structure for students looking to organize around Fair Trade.

Here are three examples of institutions that have helped organize and house student movements in the past:

  • Notre Dame University: The Center for Social Concerns
  • Creighton University: The Center for Service and Justice
  • Social entrepreneurship programs

Talk with the faculty and staff on your campus to identify which institutions are most
likely to have similar goals and have the resources to support your efforts.

Reach out to academic departments

Many academic departments have a stated commitment to aid students in efforts with similar goals. Some of the academic departments to consider approaching include:

creighton FT

  • Justice and Peace Studies
  • Environmental Studies – International Business
  • Sociology
  • Women’s Studies
  • International Relations

Remember that these relationships rely on you taking the
initiative to approach these groups. Reach out, speak with
faculty and seek out a stable home for your movement!


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  1. Thanks to Professor Kelly and all the other faculty champions at Catholic institutions who are committing to fair trade. We at Catholic Relief Services know that the principles of fair trade closely parallel Catholic social thought. It is very gratifying to see Catholic institutions expressing their identity through economic justice education and action.
    Jackie DeCarlo

    Jackie DeCarlo - 11 years ago

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