3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Fair Trade Month

Parker Townley October 18, 2013

          October is here, and you know what that means.  It’s time for the much-awaited month-long celebration of Fair Trade.

This year Fair Trade USA’s  campaign theme is Buy Fair. Be Fair.  The goal is simple: increase awareness and demand for Fair Trade Certified products and deepen the impact of Fair Trade in farming communities around the world.  The success of this year’s campaign depends on the support from all of our partners, and for that we thank you in advance.  This Fair Trade Month is going to be the best yet.


 3 simple ways that you can celebrate!

1. Visit our campaign website BeFair.org to find out which city is the Fairest city in the United States.  Then take the quiz to see how you measure up.

2. Use one or two of our suggested Facebook and Twitter posts and graphics to spread the word online.

3. Watch and share the newest Fair Trade video: Kids explain Fair Trade to their parents.

Told you it was easy!


One Comment

  1. Parker Town,
    Thank you for sharing these 3 easy ways to raise awareness for Fair Trade month. I wanted to let you know of an issue with your second item. You’ve hyperlinked “suggested Facebook and Twitter posts” but the link doesn’t bring me to those. It instead brings me to Fair Trade news & products. If you were referring to the graphics within this post, is there any way to download the graphics? Their current state is very pixilated thus very hard to read.

    credding2017@gmail.com - 4 years ago

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Parker Townley, National Organizer | Fair Trade Colleges & Universities

Parker Townley works for Fair Trade Colleges and Universities to help connect students and faculty with the resources they need to effectively campaign for Fair Trade on campus. In his free time Parker explores the Sierra Nevadas with his trusty backpack, roams the Bay Area in search of the perfect cup of coffee, and cultivates a small veggie garden.