FORUM: Interactive Q&A on Community Grounds

FT Campaigns Intern April 16, 2014

Welcome to the New Fair Trade Campaigns Forum!


Our new Forum is now live and campaigners are able to educate one another about their personal experiences, ask questions, and find answers to everyday campaign issues.

Everyone with a Fair Trade Campaign user account can participate


Check it out!


How to Use the Forum: Step-By-Step Instructions


1. Log in –  visit and log in with your username and password (Forget your username or password? Just hit “Reset Your Password” button and check your email). 



2. Fill in preferences on profile page – once you log in you will be automatically prompted to fill in your preferences.

Your preferences help us understand what topics you are interested in learning and what area you can offer others advice.  They can  be changed and are found at the bottom of your user profile page.


3. Click on the “Forum” tab – after you’ve filled out your preferences navigate to the top of the page and click on the “Forum” tab.


common grounds pic #2

4. Browse previously asked questions – make sure your question has not already been asked and see if there is something useful for you.


community grounds


5. If you don’t find what you are looking for, ask a new question!

One important peice we want to highlight is our innovative email feature!

NOW when you ask a question an auto

mated email goes out to advocates who might have an educated response.


We hope you enjoy using this new resource.  Be sure to respond to others (by email or online) and check in once and a while!


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FT Campaigns Intern,