Q&A With The Fair Trade Campaigns Interns!

FT Campaigns Intern July 10, 2014

They’re here! We’ve got a great and talented bunch of interns working with Fair Trade Campaigns this Summer. Take a look below to familiarize yourself with the folks who work to keep us connected, prepared, and moving forward.

Fair Trade Campaigns’ Summer 2014 interns!

(Left to right: Stephanie, Lena, Alison)

Lena Crown (Washington University): Social Media Intern

Q: Where/what are you studying in school?

AI am a Latin American Studies and Creative Writing double major with a  minor in Spanish at Washington University in St. Louis, but that is VERY tentative since I’m also very interested in Marketing and Communication Design. While I may not know what I want to do with my life, I know I want it to have an international emphasis, and I think the best way to make sure that happens is to learn another language and study other cultures.

Q: Do you have any interesting habits or obsessions?

A: I am OBSESSED with oatmeal. I have an extensive arsenal of recipes that I cycle through, so I basically eat a different flavor of oatmeal for breakfast every morning. Today it was banana and peanut butter, but the most successful one of all time I think must have been my peach cobbler oatmeal. Or apple pie. Or fig and walnut. Or mocha almond. It really depends what I’m in the mood for, but I will ALWAYS be in the mood for oatmeal.


Alison Sackerson (Loyola Marymount University): Marketing Intern

alison1Q: Why did you choose to intern with Fair Trade Campaigns?

 A: Fair Trade encompasses so many things that I am passionate about, such as sustainable practices and fair wages for producers. This past spring, the university I attend, Loyola Marymount University, attained Fair Trade status through Fair Trade Campaigns. Through my work with the Fair Trade committee on campus, I began to look into more ways that I could become involved in the Fair Trade movement. When I came across the opportunity to intern for Fair Trade Campaigns, I knew that I could learn so much from the team here and contribute to their efforts to expand and maintain current campaigns.

Q: What is your greatest travel/adventure story?

My greatest travel adventure to date was spending a semester studying abroad in Bonn, Germany. I spent four months learning German, traveling  throughout Europe, and living with an incredible host family. During my time abroad I got to interact with people from all over the world, travel to amazing sights, and challenge myself to do something different for a semester. My favorite part was taking public transportation everywhere and learning how to find my way without the help of a GPS.


Stephanie Eatherly (University of San Francisco): Community Outreach Intern


Q: Where/What are you studying in school and how do you hope to adapt it in the future?

A: I studied graphic design and non-profit management at Middle Tennessee State University and am currently a graduate student at the University of San Francisco where I am working on my masters in International Studies. I also studied photography abroad in which time I helped with various projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, and India as a photojournalist and activist. With my experience, I hope to continue helping those in need across the globe as well as educating others about social injustices (i.e raising awareness about Fair Trade!)

Q: What is your greatest travel/adventure story?

A: In the summer of 2007 my band went on a cross-country tour to promote our new album. Funny thing is we booked our entire tour on a small pocketbook-sized map that I found in the back of my day-planner. The tour started in Knoxville, TN. We then headed to Las Vegas and back… in 10 days! The result: 9 shows during the stretch, each in a different state across the Midwest and West (I’m talking Las Vegas on a Saturday night and Denver on a Sunday… a 12+ hour drive). We averaged about 4 hours of sleep each night and rotated driving shifts.

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