Back to School Photo Contest

Parker Townley August 30, 2014

Kick the year off with the Back to School Photo Contest – participating campaigns will receive FREE CHOCOLATE!

Last year we had over 3,000 students, faculty and staff participate – this year let’s aim for 5,000!

This Year’s Theme: Cocoa

While the cocoa industry generates $16 billion dollars each year, cocoa farmers annually earn $30 – 110 dollars. In addition, an estimated 1,817,278 children work in cocoa farms. Unfortunately less than 5% of cocoa purchased in the world is Fair Trade.

Fair Trade cocoa ensures producers can invest in their communities, earn fair wages, and protects children against exploitative labor. The potential for change exists – all that’s missing is education, awareness and a bit of determination!

 How do I Participate?

It’s easy! When you find Fair Trade chocolate on campus, take a photo holding the green check mark sign (example below), post, and celebrate! When you find chocolate that isn’t Fair Trade, hold up the sign that has a big red “X”, take a photo and then post to social media.

For more details (Click Here) for our Cocoa Toolkit


Enter the Fair Trade Photo Contest

  1. Your Campaign has from August 25th – September 12th to submit photos to Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  2. Take photos of students, faculty, and staff identifying chocolate around campus using the props. For a link to the props (Click Here)
  3. Use the hashtag #FairChocolate when posting to the social media sites.
  4. Caption photos with your Campaign name (for example: Penn State).

Grand PrizeGuittard bar

The campaign that captures the most people in their submitted photos will win:


Tips, Resources and FREE CHOCOLATE

Free Fair Trade Chocolate and Educational Materials

First come first serve to receive free chocolate while supplies last.

  • Let Parker Townley know that your campaign is committed to participating in our Back to School event at:
  • Provide Parker with a date/address for when and where to send the chocolate event kit.



  • Post to Win! Make sure to use the #FairChocolate Hashtag

    Post to Win! Make sure to use the #FairChocolate Hashtag

    Selfie Exchange: Incentivize your campus’ participation by offering to trade a piece of Fair Trade chocolate for photo evidence. Make sure they’re posing with the right prop and chocolate!

  • Partner with existing events: Research what’s happening on campus and offer to help organize/boost attendance in exchange for incorporation into their event. Or prep and show up outside!
  • Expand your Scope: Connect with and involve your favorite staff, faculty, administration, and food service providers to allow them an easy way to get involved with Fair Trade. This is a great way to begin building those important relationships!
  • Set up in High-Traffic Areas: Set up a table with samples, a photo booth, and draw attention in a creative fashion

Share your plans to participate and receive FREE CHOCOLATE!




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Parker Townley, National Organizer | Fair Trade Colleges & Universities

Parker Townley works for Fair Trade Colleges and Universities to help connect students and faculty with the resources they need to effectively campaign for Fair Trade on campus. In his free time Parker explores the Sierra Nevadas with his trusty backpack, roams the Bay Area in search of the perfect cup of coffee, and cultivates a small veggie garden.