SCHOOL TIP #2: Committing to Fair Trade Education & Events

FT Campaigns Intern October 20, 2014

Reaching Goal #2: Commit to Fair Trade Education & Events


Goal #2 is all about Fair Trade education and events at your school. To reach this goal you will need to complete the following:

  • Bring Fair Trade into at least two classrooms or events.  Empower students to be conscious consumers.

The Obstacles

The Solutions

Making connections with teachers Personally introduce yourself to teachers who teach a wide variety of subjects like science, history, or English for example. See if a Fair Trade lesson would fit into their course. Suggest short videos for them to show in class, or give your own presentation to their students. 
Discovering which events to incorporate Fair Trade into Consider pre-existing school events that you could participate in.  Is there a fall or spring festival, are there any holiday events.  Tapping into events that are already planned is a great way to make a splash with minimal work.
Knowing when to host your own event If you’re struggling to find an event to partner with consider hosting a chocolate tasting, a documentary or film screening, or inviting a local speaker.  Remember to host your events during busy times and in high traffic areas.  You don’t want your work to go to waste!



Comment Below:  How have YOU successfully educated others in your school?


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