Giving Tuesday – Let’s Grow the Fair Trade Movement Together!

FT Campaigns Intern December 2, 2014



Dear Friends:

It is the final week of the 2014 Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge and the Skoll Foundation is committed to doubling every dollar we raise this week!  The team at Fair Trade Campaigns (Billy, Courtney and Parker), are asking for your support during this final push.

We Need Your Help Now!

Jose & Luis with Ruixi from Boston, MA.

Jose & Luis with Ruixi from Boston, MA.

Our goal is to raise $11k by 12/5 to support over 220 campuses, towns, K – 12 schools and congregations across the US in their effort to increase availability and awareness of Fair Trade products.  This is your last chance to help us grow the Fair Trade Movement through this challenge.  Click here to donate.

Need another reason to give back?

In 2012 Fair Trade Campaigns brought a group of 12 advocates to the Dominican Republic to experience Fair Trade first-hand.  At COOPROBATA, a Fair Trade and organic banana cooperative, we met two young gentlemen – Jose Gomez and Luis de la Cruz.  Jose and Luis both attended university using Fair Trade

premiums, returning to their community upon graduation.  With them they brought back skills in organic farming practices and worker safety, as well as a desire to sell COOPROBATA bananas into the US market.  During this visit, advocates learned that Fair Trade delivers life changing impact which ripples through communities. Consider supporting us in our mission to connect consumers and producers.

What You Can Do . . . 

  1.  Donate:  To donate now, click here.  Your donation of $50, even $20, makes a huge difference.
  1.  Share:  Let your friends and family know about your role in supporting Fair Trade.  Send them an email, post it on Facebook, Tweet it out, or share it on LinkedIn!

The challenge ends on Friday, December 5th so it’s not too late to give.  The Fair Trade Campaigns team is grateful for your support – please donate today!

Billy, Parker and Courtney


Fair Trade Campaign advocates with Jose and Luis in Azua, Dominican Republic.

Fair Trade Campaign advocates with Jose and Luis in Azua, Dominican Republic.

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