February Fair Trade Achievements: Campaigns with Heart

FT Campaigns Intern March 12, 2015

Our campaigners’ hearts were in the right place this February!  Let’s show a little love for those who took their campaigns to the next level…

Campaign Badges and Declarations

18 Badges Earned!

1.  Cleveland Heights, OH  Engage Your Town
2.  Marquette University, WI – Commit to Fair Trade Education
3.  Saint Mary’s University, MN –  Pass a Fair Trade Resolution 
4.  University of Houston, TX – Build Your Team
5.  Stanford University, CA – Reach out to Campus Outlets AND Commit to Fair Trade Education
6.  St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, CA – Commit to Purchase Fair Trade Products When They Are Available AND Incorporate Fair Trade Education into Your Social Teachings
7.  Raleigh, NC – Get Some Love from the Media
8.  Loyola Academy, IL – Build Your Team
9.  Sacred Heart Parish, IL – Include Fair Trade in Events
10.  Notre Dame de Namur University, CA – Build Your Team 
11.  St. Martin of Tours Academy, CA – Build Your Team
12.  Miami University, OH  Commit to Fair Trade Education
13.  Indiana University, IN – Source Fair Trade at Events and Meetings
14.  State College, PA – Get Some Love from the Media AND Engage Your Town
15.  Montgomery County Community College: Blue Bell Campus, PA Build Your Team

Campaigns in the News:

City of Philadelphia Passes Fair Trade ResolutionPhilly

“The Philadelphia City Council […] commends Fair Trade Philadelphia for its […] commitment to poor farming
and artisan communities around the world […].”

– [click here for full article]


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