A Simple Way to Celebrate World Fair Trade Day

FT Campaigns Intern April 14, 2015

Fair Trade Campaigns is a powerful grassroots movement mobilizing thousands of conscious consumers and Fair Trade advocates on campuses and in communities across the country.  We recognize towns, colleges, universities, schools and congregations for embedding Fair Trade into their community and increasing Fair Trade product availability.

Rogelia Serna Cruz and husband Luis Angel Juarez Morales of Tapachula, Chiapa smile as they harvest Fair Trade-certified cucumbers.

Rogelia Serna Cruz and husband Luis Angel Juarez Morales of Tapachula, Chiapa smile as they harvest Fair Trade-certified cucumbers.

Request Fair Trade Products

You already know that purchasing Fair Trade products empowers workers around the world to lift themselves out of poverty and grow their communities.

But how many of us stop to think about the countless farmers and artisans behind the non-Fair Trade products that line supermarket shelves? These individuals often face substandard living conditions, low wages and, ironically, starvation.

In order to help these farmers and artisans we have to continue to increase the demand for Fair Trade products.  This World Fair Trade Day, Fair Trade Campaigns encourages you to help end the cycle of poverty and abuse by increasing Fair Trade product availability at you local supermarket chain.

Address a Need

Last December the L.A. Times series “Product of Mexico exposed the poverty, hunger and unsafe working conditions that non-Fair Trade farmers confront on a daily basis.  The prospect of being fired forces many farmers and workers to endure these abuses silently.Banana worker

Getting even one new Fair Trade product into your local supermarket has a tremendous impact in the lives of hundreds of farmers and artisans throughout the world. It can mean having a satisfying dinner instead of going to bed hungry, getting life-saving medical care instead of slowly succumbing to treatable illnesses, and creating an education system for one’s children that will prevent them from falling into poverty. 

Empower More Farmers & Artisans 


Print, sign and submit this card to increase Fair Trade product availability.

Bring sustainable livelihoods to all this World Fair Trade Day. Here are three crucial actions to deepen your involvement in the Fair Trade Movement:

 1.) Request Fair Trade produce at your local supermarket.  Click here to print a Product Request Card.  Then, submit it to your supermarket chain.

2.) Educate yourself about the reality of most fruit and vegetable farmworkers. Click here to read the LA Times Series “Product of Mexico.”

3.) Start or join a Fair Trade Campaign.  Click here to see our Fair Trade Campaign Map.

Will you help your community increase Fair Trade product availability this World Fair Trade Day? Show your concern for others by demanding food that feeds the people who grow and pick it. Make your voice count!

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