Introducing our Summer Intern!

FT Campaigns Intern June 2, 2016

Hi everyone!

I’m Alex, the new Digital Communications & Community Outreach Intern with Fair Trade Campaigns. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what the summer has in store!

Even at a young age, issues pertaining to social justice were always on my mind. With my mom being Diversity Director of our city, I grew up not only knowing the importance of human rights, butIMG_2556 how more often than not these rights are only offered to some, not all. This inequity and my strive for justice were what ultimately pushed me to pursue a career in law. With this being said, when I encountered the open internship position with Fair Trade Campaigns, I immediately knew I had to apply. The chance to work and motivate others to promote Fair Trade and its many benefits is an experience that I know will not only be life-changing for myself, but for farmers and working families all over the world. While I have experience in marketing and communications due to my involvement on the Executive Team for SMC Meditation Club, I have never performed such work for a nonprofit, thus I am eager to begin!

I look forward to collaborating with passionate, like-minded individuals and expanding my knowledge of Fair Trade and its impact on both the environment and the lives of others. In my free time, I enjoy reading, spending time outdoors, and traveling to places I’ve never been.

Please reach out to me with any questions or even just to say hello!



Digital Communications & Community Outreach Intern, Fair Trade Campaigns
Phone: 480-862-9287



  1. Welcome to the team, Alex!

    Tori Curbelo - 8 years ago
  2. Welcome, Alex! I look forward to working with you during your internship

    Jackie Cummings - 8 years ago

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