Fair Trade Campaigns in the Media – Spring 2017

FT Campaigns Intern June 30, 2017

Our campaigns have been making great progress all over the country, and getting a lot of media attention for it! From newly declared Fair Trade campaigns to Fair Trade educational events, there’s a lot of good news to share.

OLP Becomes 29th Fair Trade School in Nation

Academy of Our Lady of Peace, January 25, 2017

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace proudly announces its designation as the 29th Fair Trade School in the US and the 1st Fair Trade High School in San Diego, California. Because OLP strives to help create ‘environmental’ and ‘global citizens’, in the words of the author, “Becoming a Fair Trade school allows us to take the next steps towards our mission on an institutional level.” Read more

Tie-Dye Event Educates On Fair Trade

 The Lamron, February 9, 2017

The Fair Trade Committee at SUNY Geneseo teamed up with a student org called Hippies for Hope and Geneseo Late Knight’s to host a “Tying It All Together” event. The event spread awareness about Fair Trade while they listened to music, ate Fair Trade food, and made their own tie-dye pillowcases. Read more

Moraine Park Highlights “Making Memories,” Fair Trade at Statewide Showcase

 Moraine Park Technical College, March 3, 2017

In May 2015, Fair Trade Colleges and Universities USA designated Moraine Park as the first Fair Trade Technical College in the United States. … This designation was originally awarded through a service-learning project of Social Science Instructor Brenda Schaefer’s ethics course. Moraine Park continues to support the principles of fair trade by hosting educational events and by offering selected Fair Trade Certified products in the cafeterias and bookstores at all three campuses. The students and staff involved in this project are able to utilize their skills and talents in various program areas. Read more

The Quad: Purchasing Fair Trade At UCLA Supports Ethically Sound Practices

Daily Bruin, March 9, 2017

Spending a few cents extra on fair trade will support workers earning a livable wage and sustainable farming practices, which are important for the world’s environment and economy. Making the shift from standard products to fair trade products could have a resounding impact, encouraging society to push for fair practices. Supporting the fair trade cause at UCLA will reinforce solidarity for a movement that wants to make sure workers don’t live in poverty and that farming practices won’t have lasting negative impacts. Read more

St. John’s Becomes Fair Trade Designated

The Torch, March 22, 2017

Three years of hard work by the St. John’s Fair Trade Committee has been rewarded by their becoming a declared Fair Trade University. Professor Sean Murrary, co-chair of the committee, calls this: “a key step in  promoting conscious consumer practices and discussions on our campus.”  Read more

USG Presents Sustainability Fashion Showcase

The Lantern, April 1, 2017

Ohio State University’s Undergraduate Student Government held a Sustainability Fashion Showcase where students walked the runway in the latest and greatest eco-friendly looks. Students hoped to generate a new trend to showcase clothing that is affordable, stylish, and Fair Trade certified.  Read more

Student-Run Cafe Ambiental Seeks to Empower Coffee Farmers

The Spectator, April 5, 2017

An enlightening spring break trip to Nicaragua inspired students at Seattle University to become a Fair Trade University and launch initiatives to effectively support coffee farmers. One project is spearheaded by a company on campus called Cafe Ambiental, which buys coffee directly from farmers and donates all the profit to provide scholarships for their children. Read more

High School Students Raise Money To Combat Modern Slavery 

Index-Journal, April 5, 2017

A lesson on modern slavery inspired students at Emerald High School to sell Fair Trade coffee to students and staff before school, and donate the profits back to Free the Slaves and Fair Trade. One student says they plan to ‘help end slavery around the world’.  Read more

Middlebury Institute is First Graduate School In US To Earn “Fair Trade University” Designation

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, April 12, 2017

A team of students at Middlebury worked with staff to secure its designation in about 8 months. The committee leader, Celina Lima, noted that; “MIIS was already doing all of these things – we just had to to connect the dots”.  Read more

Brandywine’s annual Social Justice Fair Encourages Civic Engagement

Penn State News, April 27, 2017

Penn State Brandywine’s Civic and Community Engagement Office sponsored its 2nd annual Social Justice Fair this year, which included speakers, activities, and art exhibits to educate students about many social causes. They offered Fair Trade goods at booths and giveaways, and gave students the opportunity to swap an old T-shirt for a new Fair Trade one.  Read more

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